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HBAP is a sub-partnership group of HEC and its purpose is to bring together all the schools/academies within Harlow along with certain Essex County Council statutory services, to coordinate a strategic approach to improving attendance and behaviour.

·There is no charge to being a member of HBAP.  Membership is based on signing up to the HBAP Partnership Agreement which sets out certain principles, objectives, protocols, annual targets and the willingness to share regular half-termly and termly data.

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·HBAP has an Executive Steering Group (representatives of all its members) which is charged with giving strategic direction and has attendance at meetings of the Group from a wide range of statutory and non-statutory agencies.

·HBAP provides a range of targeted services to help the Partnership achieve its objectives.

·Funding to support HBAP is sourced from Essex County Council and HEC itself, plus any other sources which may become available.

Downloadable Files:
Behaviour and Attendance Partnership Agreement October 2015
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