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HEC supports its member schools/academies to best meet the Emotional Health & Well Being needs (EHWB) of all pupils and to provide for those who require additional help.

HEC procures on behalf of its members one-to-one counselling for some pupils via a local charitable organisation – Young Concern Trust (YCT) – which is an approved provider of therapeutic services.  Typically member schools/academies buy in a number of hours of such counselling per week and the counselling takes place in the schools/academies themselves.  HEC is able to broker a discounted hourly cost from YCT due to the size of the annual bulk purchase.

HEC also provides a range of their EHWB interventions.  The most notable example being a programme called ‘FRIENDS’, which is the only such programme approved by the World Health Organisation.  This is delivered by accredited facilitators to groups of no more than 10 pupils at a time and typically over a ten week period.  There are different programmes depending upon the age of the pupils to cover KS1, 2 and 3.

Most recently the FRIENDS programme has been delivered in 17 HEC primary schools/academies to 160 pupils and funded entirely from a grant from the Harlow Health Centres Trust.

For more details contact Chris Fluskey.   Email:  chris.fluskey@hecuk.net    Mobile:  07905 937246


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