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HEC’s Attendance Officers support schools/academies in managing and addressing attendance issues (particularly persistent absence – PA) and in helping to ensure that the school/academy achieves overall attendance and PA figures at best in line with national averages.

Whilst each school/academy takes responsibility for the legal register and managing normal pupil sickness absence, it is often quite difficult for some primary schools/academies to find the time to address more complex or protracted attendance issues and to undertake activities such as home visits.

Our commissioned Attendance Officers can undertake the following range of activities on behalf of schools/academies:

  • Regular register checks – ensuring that correct codes are being used and looking for any particular/peculiar patterns in absence

  • Helping to identify those pupils where intervention is going to be needed to improve attendance

  • Undertaking School Attendance Meetings with parents/carers and other professionals

  • Making home visits to investigate attendance matters

  • Advising on cases where a penalty notice or legal action may be required and helping the school/academy to gather the evidence required to pass the legal threshold

  • Supporting ‘Late Gate’ blitzes – to improve punctuality 

  • The collection of half-termly attendance and PA data to enable the school/academy to compare itself with other similar schools

Schools/Academies commission the service on an annual Service Level Agreement and generally buy in a number of hours per year which can be used in a flexible way.

In 2016/17 the hourly cost is £30 which is inclusive of all travel and other expenses.

For more details on this service please contact Chris Fluskey – email:  chris.fluskey@hecuk.net    or mobile:  07905 937246

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