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HEC has access to a wide range of very experienced and effective consultants who can support schools/academies across a range of improvement issues.

  • School Improvement Partners (SIPs)

All our SIPs are accredited former Heads or Exec Heads of Outstanding schools or have led schools out of an OFSTED category and all are either past or present accredited OFSTED inspectors.

They are able to undertake a wide range of Leadership, Management & Governance challenge and support functions including:

 - undertaking pre-OFSTED Health Checks

 - full data analysis and evaluation

 - supporting the production of Improvement Plans and SEFs

 - supporting the Governors in carrying out Headteachers’ Performance Management

 - advising on staffing and staffing structures

 - being on recruitment panels for senior posts

 - undertaking detailed curriculum reviews

 - carrying out Governance reviews/evaluations

  • Curriculum and Subject Leader Support Consultants

Our consultants can carry out a range of support functions including:

 - advising on/supporting curriculum planning

 - working with Subject Leaders to develop their role and impact

 - carrying out detailed reviews on aspects such as EYFS, Writing, Phonics, Maths etc and then being able to support the school in subsequent follow up actions

 - lead staff meetings/INSET days to link to key improvement priority areas

 - undertake book checks or assist in moderation

  • Coaching and Mentoring Consultants

Can work with individual teachers, subject leaders or with small groups of them over an extended period to develop them and enhance the coaching and mentoring practices within the school

  • Behaviour Consultants

Can support school staff (including LSAs and MDAs) to improve their own skills in best management of pupil behaviour or work with the school to better manage the behaviour of an identified individual pupil or a group of pupils

Costs vary from £550 a day for a SIP to around £400 a day for a Behaviour Consultant.

In line with all HEC traded services, these daily costs are very competitive (indeed a good deal cheaper than a number of providers) and regarded by school/academy users as excellent value for money.

For more details on this service please contact Chris Fluskey – email:  chris.fluskey@hecuk.net     or mobile:  07905 937246

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