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Our Home-School Liaison/Parenting Support Officers are able to undertake work on behalf of schools/academies which many would find it difficult to do themselves, given time and logistics. In particular they are able to work with families (or parent/carer in a family) outside of the school situation to try to help address issues which may be affecting the performance/achievement of a pupil in the school/academy.

Typically schools/academies will refer a family to the Officer where it is evident that the way a pupil is presenting in school is largely tied up with what is happening in the home/family situation. Unlike a service such as Family Solutions, there are no restrictions on the type of families the Officer can work with (except for the personal safety angle) or the length of time the family can be supported for.  This is for the commissioning school/academy to determine along with the Officer. The Officer is also able to work alongside and liaise with any statutory or non-statutory agencies who may be involved with the family.

Schools/Academies commission the Home-School Liaison service for a minimum of half a day a week x 39 weeks.

Usually the Officer will be able, in half a day a week, to undertake a case load of three families at a time.

The cost of the service in 2024/25 will be £3,650 for half a day a week x 39 weeks.

For more details on this service please contact Kim Hall – email: kim.hall@hecuk.net or mobile: 07437 264468


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